The end (and a new beginning)

I’m not a big one for New Year resolutions. However, January is a good time to reflect on where you’re at and think about what you’d like to achieve in the coming months and put some things into action to help you get there.

The beginning of the beginning

Back in 2010 I had this niggling thought that I might want to leave my day job and have a go at working for myself. I thought I might feel more rewarded from working with many different organisations. I thought I might be able to make more of a difference. Plus, I’m not great at being told what to do, which, in my experience is what usually happens when you work in an organisation.

I decided that if I was going to work for myself (and be successful) people would need to know who I was and what problems I could help them solve. That’s when I started to overdose on Twitter, put myself forward to speak at conferences and that’s when I started to write this blog.

I was terrified of speaking in public and I was terrified of blogging. I think I was worried that my thoughts and ideas weren’t valid or clever enough. I was worried that the way I spoke and wrote wasn’t good enough. I now know that nagging little voice in your head that jeopardizes your confidence is called Imposter Syndrome.

I wrote this blog for months without telling anyone. Then gradually I started to share with friends, on Twitter and through an email newsletter. The world didn’t end. Some people said they liked the blog some people didn’t – but I worked on silencing that nagging little voice so that I didn’t care as much if people were critical. After all it would be a boring and unimaginative place if everyone thought the same.

A couple of years after I started blogging Pearson Publishing approached me to write the ‘Innovation Workout’ because they liked the style of my blog and they were looking for an expert in innovation. I said ‘yes’ even though the nagging voice told me I was way above my station – what was I thinking believing that I could write a book. I got better at managing the nagging voice and wrote the book – you can buy it on Amazon!

I’m not going to go all woo woo and start talking about signalling to the universe BUT I have learned that writing helps to get your ideas in order, it helps to articulate your thoughts and if you share your ideas, you give people the opportunity to build on your thinking and to learn. It can even open up new opportunities. If you’re thinking about blogging check out the free guide to writing a brilliant blog over at

The end

This is post 251 and the last post I’m going to write for Lucyinnnovation. This blog site is about innovation and fundraising and I hope it remains a useful resource.

Since I left my day job to freelance back in 2012, my work has evolved to be about more than innovation in fundraising. I help individuals and teams think differently and get better results about a whole range of topics from finance to fuel and from housing to hospitality. That’s why I’m stopping writing here in order to focus all my blogging over at Do join me there! You can even sign up to get blogs straight to your inbox by signing up for Lucidity Insights.

What are your beginnings for 2019?

What are you hoping to achieve in 2019? Travel more, read more books, watch more films, lose some kilos, walk more steps, run more miles? Or perhaps all of the above?

My plans are all of the above as well as continuing to write (what I hope are) interesting blogs that make you think, that you might nod in agreement or you might shake your head in horror. Either is fine. What’s important for creativity is continuous learning and diversity of thinking.

That’s why I’m also focusing on a new project this year. It’s called the Lucidity Network. It’s a pick and mix of online and offline practical learning combined with connections to a dynamic network that can help you get the results you want – whatever sector you work in. I set it up because so many of my clients experience the same barriers to achieving the exceptional results that they are capable of. The primary barriers for most people are;

  • no time to think
  • dips in confidence (that nagging Imposter Syndrome voice)
  • no support network to stay accountable, keep going through the tough days and to celebrate the successes with.

The Lucidity Network

This time last year the Lucidity Network was just a draft page on a crowd funding website. Today it has 140 members who are all committed to and contributing to each others success. Each Lucidity Network member receives;

  • Connections to other members via buddying, mentoring, coaching and mastermind groups.
  • An informal monthly event – to meet other Lucidity Network members, discuss a topic or bring questions to the table.
  • Access to the Lucidity Facebook Community – a confidential Facebook group to ask questions and share tips and tools, live Q&As as well as opportunities for training, jobs and events.
  • A showcase event each quarter including an expert guest speaker as well as connecting with other Lucidity Network members over a few drinks and nibbles.
  • Practical tips and tools that you can use right away. Each month we cover a relevant topic, (for example creativity, resilience and making time to think) through an exclusive booklet that members can download.
  • A webinar interview with a subject expert on the topic of the month. To look at the subject in more detail and answer your specific questions.
  • Lucidity Network members that commit for a year get special rates on coaching with Lucidity Network approved coaches*

The Lucidity Network is open to new members just a few times a year. To be the first to hear about when the Network is open to new members as well as special offers and tips and tools to get better results in 2019 and beyond join the free Lucidity Facebook community. Join here today!

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you over at the Lucidity Facebook community soon.

*Terms and conditions apply

6 Comments on “The end (and a new beginning)

  1. From our conversation over wine at St Pancras a month a go, a BIG congrats to you Lucy! So much has progressed, and I’m tickled pink that 2019 is looking awesome for Lucidity!

  2. Exciting times ahead, lucy! You’ve been a key inspiration in my life, and I particularly remember a very well timed pep talk nearly 7 years ago when I wasn’t sure where I was at or where I was heading. I still use the tips and strategies you gave me back then, and they continue to serve me really well. Grab it all with both hands, loo! See you in 2019!

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