Why I’m excited about something I’ve never seen

A guest blog by Stephanie Harvey.

More often than not I find I attend a training session and, when it’s good, I leave brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. I’ll make some changes but usually before I know it I’m letting the day-to day get on top of me once again. Same with reading a blog, article or book – I find it hard to keep the learning alive.

In particular I’ve always got a lot out of any workshops or training I’ve done with Lucy. I’ve found her approach clear, inspiring and always loads of fun. She’s got a lot of practical tips from her experience as a fundraiser in both big and small charities and she can empathise with how hard it is for us when we are pulled in lots of different directions. I usually leave thinking I’d love to bottle her up or keep her in my pocket to keep me motivated and maintain good habits.

I hired her to work with my team a while ago. She encouraged us to inspire our supporters by telling our own stories so we ripped up the ‘corporate’ presentation and shared our own experience of why we work in homelessness.  Presenting became much easier, fun and more successful after that. We ‘Made Someone’s Day’ a part of our thanking process – selecting a donor or funder each quarter to single out and show them the difference that their support is making. These small changes lead to us seeing income rise in all areas of fundraising and developing stronger relationships with our donors. And personally I am getting braver at stepping out of my comfort zone. Last year I applied, and we were shortlisted for Best Small Fundraising Charity at the Institute of Fundraising Awards – something I would never even have considered a couple of years ago.  

When I heard Lucy was working on a new project – The Lucidity Network I got quite excited. And then I realised it didn’t even exist yet.

The Lucidity Network will be an online hub with practical tips, webinars and access to a community of other like-minded people. I see it like a combination of Facebook, Open University and Weight Watchers but more fun and less weighing.

For me the Lucidity Network will be a monthly kick up the arse and a toolkit each month means I am more likely to take action. Then there’s the added bonus of having a supportive network alongside me who can hold me to account, bounce ideas off, pick me up when it’s tough and cheer me on along the way. I’ve been to Lucy’s events and I’ve always met really great and interesting people, I never need to scan the room looking for an exit! Now we’ll all be connected through the Network.

The Lucidity Network doesn’t exist yet. It will only get off the ground with a bit of help. That’s why Lucy is crowdfunding for it. Plus she takes her own advice.  She’s been brave and put her idea into the world and as a result she’s been able to get feedback and refine the idea. So it’s actually getting better every day!

Stephanie Harvey is Head of Fundraising at Providence Row.

The Lucidity Network exists! We’ll be recruiting new members soon. Places are limited so if you’re interested in joining the Lucidity Network join the waiting list and you’ll be the first to know when membership is open. Join the Lucidity Network waiting list here. Don’t tell your friends though.

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  1. its a nice article.. i want to join but is there any fee for that? because here is my 3 friends who also want to join lucidity.

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