One simple secret for success in 2018

How has this year been for you? What did you achieve? Often we forget to look back at our achievements because we are so busy getting on with the next thing. We forget how much we’ve learned, how far we’ve come and the progress we’ve made.

So take a few moments. Jot down the things that you have been proud of this year. Do it right now. Include everything no matter how small it might seem. Maybe it’s work related. Or personal. Or about your health. Write them all down.

You got the job. You decided not to take the job. You ran the race. You walked the race. You choose the mineral water. You lost that kilo. You gained the kilo. It’s all progress.

Keep this list. You might share it with others or you might keep it to yourself. But when you have a day that doesn’t go so well and you need to give yourself a boost look at the list and use it to reflect on what you have already achieved. It’s your inspiration to keep pushing forward. Keep adding to your list. Every day.

It’s your choice to make time for yourself

It shouldn’t just be at the end of the year that we take time and space to reflect. When we take time to consider what we have achieved as well as time to think about where to focus our energy and attention, it stops us lurching from one day to the next, it helps us achieve more.

I believe the secret to achieving more and getting better results is making time for yourself every single day. This can be really difficult with work, family and just life in general. But it’s also critical for success. It’s your choice and your responsibility to make time for yourself.

One daily routine that helps me is walking. I have an hour-long route that takes me to the top of Alexandra Palace in north London where on a good day there are spectacular views stretching from the Olympic Park to the City. Its been nicknamed the #powerhour and it’s a good start to my day to have an allotted amount of time to think about what I achieved the day before and plan the day ahead. It’s my thinking time.

Take action!

An hour walk might not be possible for everyone – but think about how you can carve out time for yourself every day to reflect and focus. Maybe it’s a walk round the block at lunchtime. Or getting off the bus a stop early to get a 10 minute walk on the way to work.

Let me know how you get on. You can find me on Instagram @lucyinnovation #powerhour

I’m so convinced that taking time out of your day-to-day routine to focus, reflect and learn is the secret of success that I’m setting up The Lucidity Network to help more people actually do it. Watch this space.

Happy New Year and see you on the other side.

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