If you are a fundraiser then you are a change maker

Right now the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. And you have a choice: You can choose to stick your head in the sand, pretend nothing is changing and carry on doing what you’ve always done. Or, you can see uncertainty as an opportunity. An opportunity to step up and make a bigger impact.

Right now the UK needs you. I’m not just talking about needing to raise more money because services and funding are being cut. I’m talking about how fundraisers are a force for good, a tribe of human beings with a shared value of standing up to all that is wrong with the world and taking positive action to make it better.

No charity was set up because everything was OK. You fundraise to solve problems, whether it’s to fund more research to find a cure for cancer, to ensure that vulnerable people are safe and cared for or to help innocent people whose lives are destroyed by manmade and natural disasters.

Through your work and the stories you tell, you move others to take action. You inspire and enable others to show compassion and meet a fundamental human need – to help other people.

You are a change maker. The money you raise has the power to transform lives. And right now the world needs fundraisers more than ever.

This blog was first published in ‘Fundraisers: do you need a pep talk?’ over at The Fundraiser. 

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