Creative teams play and have fun at work

pexels-photo-52910Has anyone ever tried to help you be more creative by asking you to ‘think outside the box?’ I suspect that putting you under pressure to just switch on your creativity wasn’t particularly successful. For most of us, our creative juices are less likely to flow when we are put on the spot or feel under stress to deliver.

Back in the1970’s a psychologist called Donald MacKinnon conducted lengthy research into creativity. He found that creativity is not a talent as such, but more a way of operating – a state of mind. He found that creativity flourished when people are in, what he described as a ‘playful’ state.

So when you are summoning up your own creative juices, or encouraging others, asking them to think outside the box, isn’t as effective as making time for and encouraging play, humor, laughter and fun.

Do you play and have fun at work?

For most of us there is a perception that to be doing work you have to be at your desk ‘being busy’ and time to play, muse and reflect appears to be wasting time. The irony is, the playtime is when you are at your most creative. That’s when the best ideas are percolating.

With this in mind we’ve been having some fun of our own figuring out some ways to help you get into a creative mindset. We’ve developed a tool that you can have some fun with and it has also been designed to help you work together better and make your good ideas happen.

bisonIt’s the innovation animals quiz. Thirteen questions in 3 minutes. Perhaps you are a bison, patient, inquisitive and candid, or a penguin who is organized, considerate and charming. Take the quiz and you get a one-page summary of your innovation animal traits delivered straight to your inbox.

We developed the quiz to be playful and it is also designed to help your team innovate and make your creative ideas a reality. If you understand your own innovation style and preferences and the style and preferences of your team, you can play to each others strengths. Creativity and innovation is a team sport and the best ideas happen when they are shared and build on together.

If you would like to know more about developing your creative capacity, innovation animals, and how to improve your performance, do get in touch

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  1. I find it really interesting when asked to think out of the box, as for myself there is no box, that is a limitation, above all if it is not fun, then I take it no further.

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