1947 days later. A story of stewardship

Depending on what research you believe, it’s somewhere between 7 and 24 times more economical to invest in your current supporters than it is to recruit new ones.

Research by Adrian Sargeant, as far back as 2008 shows that just a 10% improvement in attrition can yield up to a 200% increase in the projected value of a supporter.

Yet how many charities are really taking this insight seriously by investing in and testing the longer-term results of providing excellent stewardship to keep the supporters that they have spent much time and resource to recruit?

Perhaps more and more in recent times, but the sad truth* is, I am yet to receive something from a charity that I support that makes me feel appreciated, special and want to go back and give/buy more than I do when I get marketing communications from Boden.

I’ve been ‘out’ about Boden and their excellent marketing to their customers for some time now and last week I received another great piece of what I’d define as ‘stewardship’ in the post.

This was the front cover of Bodens’ latest catalogue.

Boden Front Cover

Lovely and personalised, and taking me back to the first ‘trip’ I had with them.

Then open up and I’ve got a personalised boarding pass with a 10% exclusive offer just for me. Nice.

Boden Boarding Pass

THEN an info graphic based on my buying habits.

Boden infographic

Apparently I started my travels with Boden with a Chamonix puffer 1947 days ago and I’ve purchased 22 times! I’m a bit embarrassed that I bought something called ‘floaty jersey dress’ and ‘floaty cardigan’ but there no accounting for taste and in the spirit of sharing good marketing I’ll take the hit to my fashion credibility (if indeed I ever had any).

There was just enough detail to make me feel like they know me, but not too much so it felt creepy. A discount offer to thank me for my continued custom and soft encouragement to buy more.  The execution of the creative was great and made me smile.

I salute you, the Boden marketing team on a job well done.

Do you have examples of any charity (or company) stewardship communications that puts the Boden team into second place? Please share.

* I acknowledge that his could be my personal sad truth or the sad truth for the charities I support – depending on which way you look at it.

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