The next big thing is human beings

retro_restroom_icons_01_ai10-1113vv-vToday I was reminded that there are only 47 days until Christmas.

Where has 2014 gone? It seems only a few weeks ago that the world and his dog were cooling down from the summer heat by throwing buckets of ice water over themselves. And now we are getting ready for Christmas, which has been made official (in the UK at least) with the launch of the John Lewis 2014 Christmas advert.

2015 is just two months away. The world is moving fast and it is speeding up. Technology is enabling things to happen that I didn’t think possible, like 3D printing for reconstructive brain surgery, real plans for intergalactic tourism and now any one of us can use online platforms and social networks to crowd fund pretty much anything – from Wi-Fi light bulbs to a full size origami canoe!

But the key thing that I have learned this year is that you can have the latest technology, the best widgets, the coolest app and even the most robust processes, strategies and plans, but if you don’t have the right people working together to achieve a shared vision then nothing happens.

Nothing happening is a very bad outcome for a charity because the reason a charity exists is to drive change. The point of charities is to make things happen.

The organisations that I’ve seen flourish this year are the ones who employ ambitious people with attitude. They are organisations with a clear vision and focus that spot and develop talent; departments work together to achieve shared objectives, teams support each other to test new ideas and drive change and individuals take responsibility to do the most they absolutely can regardless of resource. And in these organisations, leadership isn’t about the person that sits at the top, leadership is about any individual that chooses to do whatever they can to make things happen.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

The next big thing in 2015 is not about new technology or the next widget. The next big thing is human beings connecting around a shared vision and supporting each other to create excellent environments for fundraising and driving change.

It sounds simple, but just because something sounds simple does not mean it is easy to achieve.

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