Innovation puts charities out of business

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Intrigued by how the sectors approach to innovation has changed over the last few years and keen to understand what innovation is working and what is not, Zoe Amar and I asked you to share your experiences and attitudes towards innovation.

Your views and examples of innovation form the basis of the charity innovation report 2014 that we launched earlier this month.  You can download it here. (It’s free!)

You told us that you are quite innovative already, and planning on becoming more so by:

  • Trying new things and not fearing failure
  • Being creative with limited resource
  • Doing things differently
  • Using innovation as a strategic business tool

You also said you need to be innovative to survive, as without innovation there was a danger of missing out on funding opportunities and failing to develop new and better services.

Shouldn’t the opposite be true?

Shouldn’t the application of innovation, rather than a lack of innovation put charities out of business?

Charities are set up to solve urgent and important problems. If innovation helps charities to raise more money in order to invest in and develop new services, then innovation brings the charity nearer to solving the problem that it was set up to solve.

So the ultimate reason to develop innovation skills and capabilities is not to survive but to put yourself out of business.

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