Sexy buzzword or a survival strategy. What does innovation mean to you?

innovation light bulbIs innovation just another passing fad, a buzzword that will be gone tomorrow, replaced by the next sexy-sounding jargon? Or is it an essential part of your job and vital to your organisations existence?

Do you need a team to be able to ‘do’ innovation? Or is it part of everyone’s role? Do you need big budgets? Or are necessity and scarcity the key drivers of innovation?

Is innovation the elusive search for the ‘next big thing’ or simply making improvements to what you and your team currently do?

Where do good ideas come from? How do you choose the best ones to test and develop? When should you say ‘no’? Is it just a process? Or is innovation cultural?

What if your new idea doesn’t work? How do you measure innovation? What do you measure? How do you show the impact that it is making?

What does innovation mean to you?

So many questions and I am looking for answers. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Zoe Amar and the excellent team at Guess2Give to create the Charity Innovation Survey.

We want to hear from you about your experiences of innovation. What it means in your organisation, if and how you tackle it, what has worked so far and what hasn’t.

Please complete the Charity Innovation Survey. It will take no more than 5-10 minutes. To say thank you, you will be entered you into a prize draw to win £25 Amazon vouchers.

We will share the findings in a report that will include practical tips, tools and case studies to help you develop your innovation potential, raise more money, deliver better services and make a bigger impact.

The survey closes at high noon on Monday 14 April.

Take the Charity Innovation Survey here. 

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