What’s the point of it?


Inspiration is everywhereAges ago I spotted this list written on a piece of A5 paper on the wall of my (then) Directors office. It inspired me  – so I just want to share it with you.



If you’ve seen it before,

if it doesn’t surprise you,

if you’re not pleased to be associated with it,

if it doesn’t make you think, smile or sad,

if you don’t feel challenged by it,

if it doesn’t make you wish you’d thought of it,

if its not head and heart in equal measure,

if you cant remember it,

if it’s too obvious,

if you don’t react to it,

if you don’t want to tell your friends about it,

if you can take it or leave it,

if you re not as entertained by it as you are informed by it,

if it’s not worth fighting for

……then what’s the point of it?

I don’t know who wrote it, or when or why. If it was you, where ever you are, thank you for inspiring me.

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