Why do inflight safety videos have to be so very boring?

screen_shot_2013-02-27_at_9.34.36_pmInflight safety videos are so boring. Has anyone ever watched one? Objectively they are important. If something goes wrong on the flight, the information in the video could save your life. I know it’s important, yet, I’d rather leaf through the Duty Free brochure or inspect the quality of the sick bag or do just about anything other than watch the safety video.

Until I flew on Air New Zealand.

Bear Grills, adventure junkie and survival expert presents Air New Zealand’s inflight safety video. He runs about on the Routeburn Track, a stunning area on the South Island near Fiordland while giving some plane survival tips. It also features some of New Zealand’s most well known native fauna including a kea, a tuatara and native glow worms. Its absolutely brilliant and I watched all 4.28 minutes of it.

You can watch it here. 

This isn’t the first time that Air New Zealand have taken a different approach to nudge its passengers to watch the inflight video. In the past they have featured flight attendants wearing nothing but body paint, fitness guru Richard Simmons taking passengers through an exercise routine, and another featuring the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

I love how Air New Zealand have solved the problem of passengers not watching inflight safety videos. Nice one Air New Zealand for daring to be different.

What if you dared to take a different approach to solve a challenge that you are facing? What would you do?

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