The Fundraisers Riddle

Question mark - can you solve the fundraisers riddle?According to legend, when Albert Einstein was a small child he devised a riddle. The common belief is that only 2% of the population can work out the correct answer.

Rather than challenge you to Einstein’s original riddle, I’ve written, with the help of @fundraisermike a fundraisers version (thanks Einstein for the original inspiration though).

The Fundraisers Riddle

In a competitive fundraising market there are five different charitable causes, each cause has a different fundraising strength, a different financial target, a different fundraising product and a different approach. The approach is described as an animal; whilst one charity approaches their fundraising with the bravery of a tiger, another is timid as a mouse, one is sly as a wolf, another is a sheep following the majority and the lemmings follow without understanding the true implications of their actions.

The question is – what team and type of charity is raising income for a capital appeal?

There is a prize of an hours free coaching with @lucyinnovaiton for the first person to email with the correct answer plus a giant Toblerone bar to sweeten the deal.

There is only one answer and it requires the application of logic. As I want to set you up to win, I’m going to give you a clue. The key to solving this riddle is creating a grid, with one column for each type of charity and four rows, one each for target, fundraising product, fundraiser role and last but not least animal characteristic.

The Facts

  1. Direct Marketing raises 500k
  2. The corporate fundraiser raises for Charity of the Year appeals
  3. The Major Gift fundraiser works for an environmental charity
  4. £1 million target is the second highest target in the group
  5. £1 million target is for the international development charity
  6. Christmas appeal target approach as cautious as mice
  7. The £100k target charity approach their target like wolves
  8. The middle value target of £500k is raised for a children’s charity
  9. The community fundraiser has the lowest target of 20K
  10. The team that acts like wolves raises 80k more than the team that fundraises for coffee morning
  11. The team that raises for a stewardship event raises 80K more than the team that are brave like tigers
  12.  The team that fundraise like sheep fundraise for a health charity
  13. The trust and foundations team approach their fundraising like lemmings
  14. The major gifts team have a 400k lower target than the next biggest target
  15. The team that act like wolves raises 80k more than the team that fundraise like tigers
  16. The community fundraiser works for the local hospice
  17. The highest target is double the lemmings target

I look forward to hearing from you.

© @lucyinnovaiton and @fundraisermike

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