Have you ever had an idea you wish you had thought of?

iwitot - 2013

Yes – me too. Loads in fact. We have all had the “<option to insert expletive> I wish I thought of that” moment.

And in London on Thursday 6th June SOFII have arranged for 20 well-known fundraising professionals to share the ideas that they wish they had thought of.

If its anything like last year it will be an inspirational afternoon, packed full of powerful tales and brutal truths told by some of the most stimulating voices around each sharing an idea they felt changed the face of the industry – including Ken Burnett, Stephen Pigeon, Matthew Sherrington and Paul de Gregorio.

There will be some drinks provided straight afterwards for anyone who fancies staying around for a glass of wine or two.

It will be inspiring stuff, as well as an opportunity to bring lots of committed fundraisers together to celebrate some great work and the passion we all feel for the industry. Money from the sales will go towards helping SOFII (a charity itself)  to continue to develop a platform so that we can all learn from examples of great fundraising from around the world since the dawn of time.

Tickets are priced from £25 to £100, and you can book yours here.

Bring some tissues. I think it’s going to be emotional.

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