40 before 40

40 40 imageSomehow I’ve managed to be on the planet for almost 40 years. It feels a bit significant. To me anyway. So I’ve had a bit of a think about some of the things I haven’t done yet, that I would like to do before 7 September 2013.

Thanks to those that have helped me compile the list. Part of the fun is doing these things with someone else. Some of you have already volunteered. Other buddies please step forward now. Yes, I know its over indulgent, but I’m half way to legitimately wearing purple and spitting so hell to it.

Here is my list in no particular order.

  1.  Make cheese
  2.  Learn circus skills
  3.  Find a sharks tooth
  4.  Learn to silversmith
  5.  Take a tango lesson
  6.  Dive the Thistlegorm
  7.  Take an improvisation class
  8.  Give blood
  9.  Have singing lessons/sing in a band
  10. Throw a pot
  11. Be part of a flash mob
  12. An extreme driving experience, like drive a racing car….or a tank
  13. Learn a martial art
  14. Open water swimming
  15. Have a shop makeup makeover
  16. Go Nordic walking
  17. Something to do with men in kilts (this was popular when I put the list out to tender, I might need some help with the detail.. suggestions welcome)
  18. Hire a cinema
  19. Clay pigeon shooting
  20. Have a ski lesson
  21. Silent speed dating (Beth you are responsible for this)
  22. Go to Hobbiton
  23. Zombie experience (Iain this is all your fault)
  24. Have a meal at The Fat Duck
  25. Learn a language
  26. Shear a sheep
  27. Learn to appreciate whisky
  28. Husky sledding
  29. Make sloe gin
  30. Have a flying lesson
  31. Become an organ donor
  32. Open a conference on the other side of the planet
  33. Climb a mountain on the Isle of Skye
  34. Eat a chocolate covered ant (Teri this is totally down to you. You are in charge of sourcing the above mentioned ant)
  35. Do an abseil (Adam over to you)
  36. Bikram yoga
  37. Eat at Dans le Noir
  38. Have a quote published
  39. Learn knife skills
  40. 40 new things in 48 hours (Mike this one is all yours and I’m frankly scared)

I’ll let you know how I get on……

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