The 2012 un-bucket list experiment

It is officially reflect and round-up season as we all ponder over the events of 2011 and make pledges to be better in 2012.

I’m giddy with the lists and advice about things to start doing, things to do better and things to stop. Frankly it’s all a bit overwhelming

I recently watched the film “The Bucket List” (A bucket list being a list of things to do before you die, from the term “kicked the bucket) in which Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson play 2 terminally ill men who go on a road trip to do the things they wanted to do before they died.

Great concept. Great film.

So inspired by their adventures, I started musing over my own bucket list.  It became very long and unmanageable, especially as I don’t know the timeframe I am working to. It felt like I wouldn’t even know where to start on actually doing my list. So I decided to take some of my own advice and think about a bucket list from a different perspective. I considered a un-bucket list. A list of things that I would not do before I die.

This was even harder. I asked my friends what they wouldn’t do. Some came up with brilliant and bizarre things; that may have crossed some boundaries and taken our friendship to a whole new level! But the majority struggled to come up with anything they categorically definitely wouldn’t do before they died, because in some cases they felt like they were closing down opportunities and others kept thinking of exceptions or situations in which their ‘wouldn’t do’ would be acceptable.

There might be some things that you think are unlikely, or immoral or you simply choose not to do. That’s OK. But in essence the un-bucket list that started as a bit of fun, has made me think that most things are possible if there is a compelling enough reason to do it and if you think creatively about how to achieve it. Maybe that’s the lesson to apply to some of the things you currently think you won’t be able to achieve in 2012?

I have laughed a lot at the un-bucket list suggestions today, so for the record a selection of responses are listed below.

Do you have any to add?

I would not….

1. Go to Tenerife (ok Playa de las Americas to be specific)
2. Read another book by Dan Brown
3. Experience Niagara falls from the inside of a barrel
4. Sleep with David Cameron
5. Ever understand how planes fly
6. Attempt to break the land speed record
7. Eat a 400g Toblerone in one go
8. Invent the iPod
9. Go on “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”
10. Have plastic surgery (just for vanity) or laser eye treatment
11. Eat tripe or insects or mine or anyone else’s shit
12. Visit Turkey
13. Run a marathon
14. Touch a snake
15. Streak
16. Become a nun
17. Deliberately hurt someone
18. Have all my teeth taken out
19. Stick to an exercise regime
20. Ever think cauliflower is an acceptable food
21. Ever spend too little time on Twitter
22. Ever be able to parallel park
23. Wear a thong in public
24. Pretend to be impressed by celebs
25. Go to the moon
26. Sleep with Johnny Depp
27. Join the Chuckle Brothers fan club
28. Take a pee in a Goan police cell again (!?)
29. Think sky diving or bungee diving was a good idea
30. Give up Nandos
31. Light my own fart
32. Kiss the pope
33. Live until I am 500
34. Believe in Santa Claus
35. Snog a dwarf
36. Swim with sharks
37. Knowingly eat dog or any kind of primate
38. Have sex with a mule – mainly due to height differential (?!)
39. Read more than 7 pages of a book without needing a nap
40. Skin a buffalo

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