Isles of Scilly – Food for the Soul

In July I spent a wonderful week on The Isles of Scilly, an archipelago of islands 28 miles off the southwest tip of Cornwall.

The Isles of Scilly are accessed by boat or helicopter from Penzance or the Sky Bus (believe me I saw it – aptly named) from several smaller UK airports.

We took the boat which in just under 3 hours transported us to a paradise that time forgot. The Isles of Scilly is like no place I’ve known, arriving is like absorbing a tonic, you feel instantly relaxed and strangely can only appear to operate in slow motion. If at all. Never have I experienced such capacity to simply nap at any given moment as when there.

We stayed on St Marys and visited the other islands; all of which had their own individual feel and element of magic.

Five of our days were spent diving some of the wrecks dotted around the islands, including The Colossus, a protected wreck which you dive complete with your own laminated guide-book. Which explained the giant copper spikes lined up menacingly along the sea bed – amongst other things. Back in the day, the tragedy of a shipwreck could be seen as some as a blessing; the Scillonians would forage for and trade debris, the agreed view was very much finders keepers, leaving no treasures for us.

Oh and of course I had my first seal diving experience. A whirlwind romance that left me bruised and breathless and wanting more.

When I write my book, I’m going to write it from The Isles of Scilly, somewhere overlooking the sea. I’m not sure when or what on, but I feel strangely contented knowing the location of my book writing!

The Isles of Scilly are a magical place; miles of white sandy beaches and acres of natural landscape exposed to the elements, with a rich and fascinating history packed with inspirational stories. There is something there that feeds your soul and fires your imagination. Disregard all the theories on how to develop creativity and innovation, and just spend a week on the Isles of Scilly, imagination flows naturally, imagination and pirates….

4 Comments on “Isles of Scilly – Food for the Soul

  1. I fully agree Lucy! And, having first visited the Isles of Scilly ten years ago, I’m lucky enough to be heading back there really rather soon – via the Sky Bus this time, rather than the helicopter.

    Yes, there is no place like it, and I recall plenty of creative people based there. I can see why you’d choose it as the place where you would write your book.

  2. Hopefully I will one day have a chance to visit. At least five generations of my Mumford grandfathers (the most popular name on the island at least as recently as the 1960’s) were born and raised on St. Mary’s; my great grandfather being the first born in the USA. My family has been there as far back as records go, but I’ve never stepped foot on the island. Thanks for sharing. I hope you’ve started your book by now. 😉

    • Oh I hope you can visit – its such a magical place. I have indeed written the book! but I wrote it in Argentina (long story) so I’ve got another one that I need to go to the Isles of Scilly to write…

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