innovation and the rules of uncommon sense

On Friday I went to a lunchtime seminar with Heather Sim, founder and Chief Executive of Space Unlimited.

There is a lot of talk about innovation; anyone with half a brain knows that getting fresh perspectives, working in collaboration, sharing skills and taking risks will increase your chances of having your breakthrough ideas – no matter what industry or sector you work in. The challenge for many is stopping the chat and tacking action. Space Unlimited are taking action with great results.

Space Unlimited links young people, businesses and educators to facilitate creative thinking around an issue that the business would like a fresh perspective on. It’s a teenage innovation consultancy.

Space Unlimited’s work connects two fundamental beliefs:

1. That great innovation often comes from a beginner’s mind-set.

2. That successful people use their natural strengths to create value.

Since 2006 Space Unlimited have facilitated a range of projects from providing a new perspective from the Royal Opera House set design in Thurrock to KPMGs strategy to communicate with young people. Check out their website for more information and results.

The beauty of Space Unlimited is that it provides a business with a new burst of fresh creative thinking and insight and tools to practice innovation, it also provides young people with an opportunity to learn and develop and build confidence in their talents an education with a practical application. Space Unlimited adopts the rules of uncommon sense to their work.

The rules of uncommon sense

Collaborate naturally

Rethink risk and uncertainty

Be honest about outcomes

Reflect on value and value reflection

Keep the process visible

Question behaviours

In an uncertain world, one thing that is certain is that fresh thinking and new action are desperately needed to respond to the economic, social and environmental challenges we all face. If all organisations followed the rules of uncommon sense we would be much better equipped to meet these challenges.

I thought Heather was inspiring, most of all because  she believes in the value of Space Unlimited and she is taking action in driving this way of working forward and achieving results. A thousand good ideas are worthless unless you take action. Space Unlimited are walking the walk, working in a way that demonstrates and drives innovation, taking risks, learning and developing. Learn from them. Take action too. Today.

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