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The Lucyinnovation blog is a bank of  ideas, resource and tips to help you fundraise. From January 2019 I’ve stopped blogging here to focus all my energies on the Lucidity blog, my training, consultancy and coaching and the Lucidity Network. 

Whatever business you work in, if you would like to improve your innovation and creativity skills and get better results, come over to  for a look around (there is some good free stuff too!).

If you are serious about getting better fundraising results join the Lucidity Network.

The Lucidity Network is a pick and mix of online and offline practical tools and advice as well as access to a dynamic network of expertise to help you take the lead in getting the results you want.

Every month you get access to original content in articles and webinars as well as access to a network of smart professionals offering experience, advice and connections across a range of sectors. The Lucidity Network is open a few times a year. To be the first to snap up the early bird discounts when the Lucidity Network opens – as well as get free practical tips and inspiration and connections to networks that can help you join the Lucidity Facebook community. 

If you’d like any help with clearer thinking for different results or have a specific question do email me at

Look forward to hearing from you!

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